Fall Festival is scheduled for: Sept. 26th. 2021

Jack Duke and Bob Dawley entertaining with live music.

Rope making demonstation.

This year will be similar last year. 

Last year poster is below.

F.F. 2019 Poster.jpg

Kids love playing with the antique jail.

Fitting and installing horse shoes.

Blacksmithing demostrated by the Praire Blacksmiths Association.

A portion of the flea market is held inside of the Business Building.

Broom-making on one of the Deshler Broom Factory machines.

Sometimes a famous celebrety visits, such as Abraham Lincoln.

A few of the vehicles for the Car Show

Some of the tractors for the Tractor Show

Demonstrating how to wash clothes the old way.

Janet Voss demonstrating the 'ART' of Quilting

One of the miniature train displays

Children can shell and grind corn the way their ancestors did