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The train watch station is not part of the TCHS, but actually owned by the Village of Belvidere.  It was established Circa 2012, and made possible by multiple donations, including Spring Creek Model Trains.

The Depot from Alexandria, and the cost of moving it, was donated by Bob and Becky Reinke in 2014.

This ABC railroad began circa 1872.  The first four towns of the ABC railroad are in Thayer County and they are each over 135 years old.


Towns along the rail are:


Alexandria, Belvidere, Carleton, Davenport, Edgar, Fairfield, Glenvil, Hastings, Ingleside, Juniata, Kenesaw.

Lowell would have been next in the same direction, but the rail turned southward and went to Heartwell and then Minden.


The UNION PACIFIC is the largest track network in the world, made up of over 32,000 miles of track. 


The trains passing through often have over 100 cars and can be well over a mile long.

In 1927 when school children went down to the track to see one of the first trains.  The engine was a 1916, and it carried relics of the past, including items related to Abraham Lincoln.

  “ The Bruning Banner  2/3/1927 “


In April 1934 School was let out again to watch a train. This time a new diesel streamliner train, with Alcoa Pullman Cars, slowly passed by a the huge crowd.

On May 28th. 2011 nearly 500 people showed up to watch the UP 844 steamer make a 15 minute stop.

In August of 2021, a 1941 Big-Boy Steamer, number 4014, stopped while on a tour, and over 500 people came to see it.

Big Boy 3.jpg
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